on the radar: people!!!, one prayer, r u afraid to ask, launch teams

continuing in my series of posts that have been on my radar...
  • the guys at swerve have done 3 posts about people: the first deals with picking people, the second with developing people and the third with removing people - folks, this is so important - having the right people, in the right place, at the right time is one of the most important things leaders can begin to embrace. and, let me add this, you can't keep the same person, in the same place for ever - i just don't think it's healthy for a ministry or a person - at some the curse of knowledge sets in and moving forward becomes impossible - i can't stress it enough...we must focus on people!
  • 1,541 churches are participating in this year's one prayer campaign - go back and re-read that - one thousand, five hundred and forty one churches! wow! simply, wow! i love seeing unity in the Body of Christ and i love what God is doing through this grassroots effort. this week, i'll be preaching my "one prayer" message at a church in statesboro - it's "make us gutsy" - i'm excited! check out the link above, next year's plans are introduced...
  • if u r not afraid to evaluate your sunday services, here's a handy checklist - obviously, not everything applies, the important thing is to be willing to ask the hard questions and make things better!
  • if you're a church planter, then you need to understand the difference between a core group and a launch team - here's a post by a guy that get's it! (hint: one's internally focused and one's externally focused)

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