on the radar: obi-won pastorobi, church logos, tougher than hell and can i wear jeans?

continuing my series of posts of things on my radar...
  • there's a new wave of technology that's going to hit the church - are we ready for this? (i think so, can't wait) - ps: i already know of one church that's going to be looking at using this in the near future...and it isn't a 'seeker' church - it's hardcore pentecostal!
  • here's a list of 33 great church logo designs
  • you gotta love the name of this outreach - "tougher than hell motorcycle rally" - this ain't your grandma's outreach - at the end of the night, hundreds of bikers gave their lives to Christ - i love it!
  • this website answers the questions we all want to know..."what can i wear to church?" - if you're not on here, you need to enroll your church!

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