on the radar: missional, leadership and communication

continuing my series on what's been on my radar the past few days...
  • here's a great definition of missional - i believe this is more than just a 'catch phrase' i believe it's the church returning to her purpose
  • nelson has a series of 3 posts regarding leadership (#1, #2, #3) - nothing really breakthrough - i highlight this because this is another reason to blog - to highlight important (to you, and to others) learnings, items to remember, or things to come back to
  • i believe almost all church fusses, fights, disagreements, misunderstandings, etc stem from communication problems. in fact, that's one skill and topic that is never touched on in bible school and seminary (to my knowledge) - it needs to be! anyway, elevation has a good post about keeping people, 'in the loop'

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