on the radar: 5 lies creatives believe, volunteers, dysfunctional teams and uth sites

my final post in this series of on the radar, please comment and let me know what you think...
  • a list of 5 lies creative type people can buy into
  • a couple of resources on volunteers: first, training that hits the mark; second, a free e-book that you can download and use to help in your recruiting efforts
  • about 2 years ago i read a book called, five dysfunctions of a team, one of the best leadership books i have ever read - it's written as a fable - so it's a fun read, but it'll nail you between the eyes with truth - having served in various team capacities (church, business, community, school) the truth found in the base of the pyramid is so foundational and important for the future of any team - my two cents: teams that "do life" together, work better together! please, go check out this short post that recaps that book.
  • finally, i never pass along youth or children related posts, but i came across this list of top youth ministry sites - its a recap of various sites.

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Bill Reichart said...


Thanks for all the "linkage" love. Especially adding me to your blogroll. I was cruising around your blog, in an attempt to know more about seems as if you are a GA pastor? But couldn't discover more information. Give me a holler at bigcreekbill at gmail dot com.

I am always curious to meet local pastors and especially since you are reading Ministry Best Practices.