new blogs i'm reading

here are some new blogs that are on my radar...
  • i've got google alerts set to let me know of anything going on on the web regarding the IPHC and it came across this blog - it's from one of my alma mater - southwestern christian university - it's a blog for scu women - interesting find for me was a brief review of a book written by my friend francis pike - the dean of the graduate school's wife - here's a link to the scu women site and a link to the promo featuring the book
  • that site led me to several others...there's a scu toolbox that has quite a few resources for ministry and church planting (GREAT resource site and seems to be kept current)'s one on pentecostal research (great for archivists)
  • our denomination has set up a blog, it seems to be yet another "news source" without a lot of interactivity - hey guys in OKC, if you read this...PLEASE: 1.) remove the "policies" tab at that top - nothing turns readers (guests) off more than the "rules" being front and center - not against the rules, just don't make them prominent; 2.) make it more interactive - do away with the "users must be logged in" before commenting - you have moderated comments (which i agree with totally), but why must i go through 1&1 and give them my contact info? - again, make it more interactive - create discussion! the A/G's did a GREAT job of this right before last year's convention - we can learn from them! their site is no longer active - but here's the last post still available
  • other blogs i've added recently...i added anne jackson's blog - she has tons of readers...bobby clinton was one of my professors at scu and is THE MAN behind all things leadership! while maxwell is the "orator" and motivator for leadership, clinton is the theory and biblical background regarding leadership - REALLY glad he's blogging!...added the catalyst leader feeder blog to my bloglines - i love catalyst and hopefully will go back this year - jeff, you coming down to the ATL? added this one and this one also...

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