sunday night unwind

made it home from the boro (statesboro, ga) - great trip, great conference, great time!

some highlights from this weekend:
  • todd and i had a great time kickin it together all the way down the road to the boro - lots of time to talk whilst traveling the roads lined with pine trees - btw, those that say we're overpopulating the earth, RIDE WITH ME sometime - i'll show you plenty of back road country that is not even close to being overpopulated!
  • had krystals on the way down - wanna guess the nickname for krystal burgers? it's funny that todd called it ?????? - but even funnier that when we got there nick called them by the same name
  • todd was up first and brought the passion for first impression - as if! did you think he wouldn't? anyway, great job of stirring people up to begin to think like a guest, evaluate ministry and function and start getting it right
  • first night nick talked about cultural evangelism - great content and delivery - btw, in all my research, i'm pretty sure it wasn't timmy, it was jason that fell in the well (episode #87).
  • seriously, nick and todd set the bar high and really did a great job of delivering the content!
  • on another note, travis and his crew had the church looking great! they really went out of the way to demonstrate excellence in every stinkin think they did - great job gang and thanks for making us feel so welcomed (and the gift basket in the hotel room was an awesome touch - really made me and my family feel appreciated and filled the "snacky void" that we had at times)
  • after service friday night, Estamos envueltos hasta el viernes por la noche con una celebraciĆ³n de nuestra herencia familiar
  • saturday my wife and kids along with todd's family all rolled in - so great to have them there with us!
  • i spent some time saturday just before lunch talking about 8 ways to evaluate ministry - i'll be sharing those throughout this week - check back every day for a new post
  • my second talk on saturday was on transferring vision - communicating vision to your church and giving them some 'handles' to get a grip on vision - i'll share some of those in the future...
  • sunday i sneaked over to fumc in stateboro to listen to my sister lead worship and my brother-in-lay lay down the word in the 9:01 service, then it was over to alwc to be with them for the sunday service - todd was there early to provide some on-sight coaching with his first impressions people - great give and take discussion about some "why" issues...
  • travis brought a great message, the worship was really good, and the people were "with him" the entire time - i'll say what i said on friday night, this church is going to be a difference-maker in statesboro and a flagship church in the georgia conference - i believe in the pastor and his wife, i believe in his leaders and i believe in his vision - God...make it happen - amen!


Neshaminy said...

Oh how I laughed reading it wasn't Timmy that fell in the well- you guys sure do follow through!
Thank you so much for coming and teaching us in all areas of our church to make it the best it can be. I've been reading your blog all afternoon and really taking some much needed time to reflect in things you have said!
I'm glad you enjoyed your baskets- I hope the kids were able to enjoy them as well.
I look forward to seeing you again and listening to any advice you have! I also believe the 'Three Amigos' should have their own tour! What a great group of guys delivering an unbelievable message.
Hats off to you, sir! Amazing, unforgettable job!! Kudos....

Debbie C. said...

So, where were you Friday night that you heard Spanish and how did you become so good at writing Spanish sentences???

Anonymous said...

ok I LOL when I saw that you knew which episode that Timmy fell into the well, sorry it was Jason but still that is too funny...way to go!! that made my day really too funny...Todd