sunday night download

time for another sunday night goes...
  • i've added some and deleted some blogs that i'm tracking on my blogroll - check 'em out.
  • watching the ACM awards...some good, some bad
  • speaking of country music, the song by trace adkins, although sappy, still reminds me that its important to embrace and squeeze every moment out of life - "you're gonna miss this"
  • did something today i've never done...more later
  • so proud of my kids, they've finished up another year of school with great grades, great crct scores, great attitude and great personality - i love my kids!
  • extremely proud of my wife - she served as the second grade lead teacher this year - it was a trying year because of health issues, but she's an overcomer - i'm proud of her! i think God used this year to stretch her and move her to new levels of leadership. she also ended the year with a great group of kids and a ton of parental support
  • speaking of her kids, i spent friday serving up sno cones - dragon colors baby - red and year we'll move to green i guess
  • my sister did something she's never done before...more later...
  • got a ton to do the next couple of weeks - wow, please pray for me - so much to do!
  • have you had the baked apple dumplings at cracker barrel? quick, run out and get you some...probably the best desert ever!
  • my brother did something he's never done before...
  • i got to see all of my nieces and nephews on the same day - love it!
  • we, my brother, my sister and i commandeered...hijacked...took over the service at my dad's church. my dad turned 60 last monday, and on may 31, he'll celebrate 25 years in ministry - to honor him, we've been plotting, scheming and acting secretly behind his back to pull this off. the choir knew, the congregation knew, he didn't. should've seen his reaction when my brother and sister went in to relieve the pianist and worship leader of their duties, then he turned and saw me - we hugged on the platform - then i told him he wasn't preaching, i was! sorry God, i'm sure you gave him a great was priceless, something i'll never forget! i preached a word from luke 15 - you know the story...the parable of the honorable father (used to be the parable of the prodigal son - i renamed it today) - i talked about the legacy that our father has built into our lives, the character and honor he possesses as a person and how that is passed from generation to generation - it was the most "different" sermon i've ever preached. when it was all said and done, my brother's family (4 of them), my sister (5 of them) and my family (4) joined our dad on stage...btw, about 4 weeks or so ago he told our mom that what he wanted for his birthday was to have all of his kids on the platform with him...homerun!
  • [edit] follow up on debbie's comment, yes, you have to have the ice cream on the baked apple dumplings!


Debbie C. said...

Wow, that is so cool about what you guys did for your dad. I love it!

DebbieP said...

The baked apple dumplings are even better with ice cream!

What a blessing to work with your family to bless your Dad like that! What an unforgettable memory for all involved!

Anonymous said...

Dude that is pretty cool, it almost brought a tear to my eye and I mean that, sorry I have to say I mean that but I am sarcastic sometime at any rate, AWESOME!!!