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been saving quite a few posts (so this is longer than my typical post) that i wanted to pass along to you - really finding a lot of great bloggers out there in the church planting tribe...great content, i'll pass some along we go...what's been on my radar?
  • dave ferguson (on my blogroll) tells the story of donnie williams and lifepointe church (great name, btw!) - they added a second site and went from 445 to 979 in attendance - their second site has outgrown the first site - awesome! he attributes the success to: prayer!; getting organized; finding leaders that were dormant in their first site - check them all out
  • dave also tells the story of troy (whom i met in orlando a couple weeks ago) and their church launch - love the strategy they put into motion - lots of fact all the leaders were challenged to host a block party in their hood to connect with people; they also did 18 service projects
  • tony gives us 7 leadership filters - great stuff - here are my favorites: "am i making this decision for the good of the church, or just my area?" and "is this just a temporary solution?"
  • mark talks about aesthetics - every, every, every pastor and leader needs to read this post! my favorite paragraph is Listen, that may sound extravagant. But what if we put half that effort in welcoming people into our worship environments? What I'm trying to say is this: aesthetics are important. If you don't believe me, then why are a dozen chapters in Exodus devoted to the aesthetics of the tabernacle. God is in the details. He details everything from the color of the curtains to the recipe for the incense!
  • michael (prez. of thomas nelson and frequent reader of!) has listed several important lessons he's learned through blogging. it has inspired me to write my own equivalent post in the not-so-distant future. for now, one of the important lessons i've learned is this: blogging forces me to carefully consider the reader first...while i'm sure to miss the typos, it's the tone that i most concern myself with! btw, michael's blog is a great look into the life of a corporate ceo who follows Christ - i'm currently making a choice on a couple of books that he's read just because he read them first and recommended them...that's called influence (and i appreciate it)
  • also from michael, he nailed 12 good reasons to begin twittering...i haven't yet - still pondering the usefulness and time demand of it - anyone else twittering out there? the whole phenomenon is amazing how it has so quickly gained traction.
  • here's a challenging post on "extractionalism" - i referenced a quote a few days ago from it - you need to read the entire post - here's my favorite quote: "The problem is that extracting believers from relationships within the culture has a negative impact on both believers and unbelievers. Christians fail to have any spiritual impact or participation in extending the kingdom. Non-Christians go to hell. Neither of these things is good—especially the part about going to hell."
  • larry from elevation writes a post that every volunteer church leader and pastor must read - it deals with the crux of the matter when it comes to volunteers!
  • would you participate if you could help plant 500 churches? would you care? the one prayer campaign has focused the one time offering from the hundreds of churches on planting churches in cambodia, china, india and sudan - i'll ask again, r........u........n? ("are you in?)

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