never say goodbye

remember that was the mid-80's and bon jovi (still one of my favorite bands) rocked it...

it was the theme song of countless high school graduating classes...ok, so the lyrical content is not great...but there's one line in that song..."together...forever"

how idealistic! to think that we could possibly "never say goodbye" - unfortunately, life is full of goodbyes!

i've tried to replace the "goodbye" with "see you later" (inspired by the last episode of M*A*S*H) - but that doesn't work!

sometimes we have to say "goodbye"

as i've reflected these past few days and weeks, i've realized that there are really very few friends that i haven't said goodbye to - here are a few:

  • amy (and now scott that they are married) - met her shortly after patrice and i were married, then we all 3 worked's the cool matter where we've lived, amy's come to visit us at least once - thanks amy (and now scott that they are married) - you guys are great
  • rachel - met at a mexican restaurant - no surprise huh? - she helped us start a church, then followed us to two other church plants to help them out - it's been a long journey, but i'm glad we've never said goodbye
  • jeff - my college roommate...after you live with someone for two years, you really know a person! i love jeff like a brother because he's just the real deal - so glad we've never said goodbye - we don't see each other but just every few years, but we stay in touch through email and phone calls - he's the one guy that i've always been able to vent to and he's helped keep me grounded and focused on God's call
  • todd (stricknine) - helped him in a church plant, then we lost contact for a while, then i went to work for him as an employee, then the church we attended hired me and he went to work for me as a volunteer - now, he's the one guy that i know i can call on anytime to pray for me (and i do!)


Anonymous said...

WAIT....what about Jason, Destiny, and I? Well, I guess you can't say "good-bye" to us because you're stuck with us. LOL! Just kidding. Love you!


Rachel said...

I'm glad we've never said "good-bye". I don't plan on it either! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww! Thanks. It would not be a "good" bye that's for sure. You two are the best things I ever got at Wal-Mart :-) And I would visit you if you moved to the moon.
(Bon Jovi and M*A*S*H references in the same post--Awesome!)