evaluting ministry #1 - shared values

first thing i talked about at the reach conference was evaluating ministry - i'm still sorting through what order i think these evaluation tools should go in, but i know at least that this one is first...

one assumption that needs to be made is that the vision is clear, compelling and catalytic in nature

Shared values

· Answers the question, “What matters most?

· A set of beliefs that illustrate how you do life…or in this case, church! Values are not “add-ons” they are “built-ins” (add-on="would you like anti-virus software with your new pc?"...built-in="the operating system is windows, it's built in!")

· Values are exhibited by the pattern of your life and your church (and your life! on a personal level)

· Values are what drives you - they define you

· Values become your filter for EVERYTHING you do

· Being FAIR is not a priority…rather, be true to your values - this means you'll have to say no, and not worry about it being "fair"

· You’re values can and will change…in the process and trenches of ministry – not because of a vote or committee – they change because your DNA becomes better understood…

· You’re values must be shared by key leaders and decision makers

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