evaluating ministry #4 - strategy


· Strategy answers the question, “How do we get there?”

· Granite & Sand – Granite=core, no change; Sand=change, dust it off, redesign...some things need to be written in granite so that they can NOT easily be changed (i.e., people matter to God, therefore they matter to us...prayer comes first...ministry to the entire family is a priority); some things need to be written in sand so that they can easily be changed (prayer time is at 6am on mondays...or, or early morning service offers traditional worship, etc)

· Strategy changes….can’t pastor/lead a church at 50 like you do at 150...bumber sticker alert..."change happens" - or something like that :)

· Henry Ford said if he gave people what they wanted it would have been a faster horse

· Strategy is NOT sacred – vision is what you lead with, not strategy - when you lead with strategy over vision, it's called programming...

· Strategy is moving because the church is moving…it’s a moving target....

· Strategy turns vision into reality

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