evaluating ministry #2 - staffing

ok, i said yesterday that i was still sorting through which order to put these in, i'm almost certain this evaluation tool is second (btw, i'm also considering consolidating some of these and trying to work this list down to 5, but this is what i taught at the reach conference so i'll keep sharing all of them here this week and next)

the second vital issue is staffing (paid and unpaid)


· Answers the question, “Who are the ‘go-to’ people?”

· Get the right people, in the right place…start with people – Jim Collins, Good to Great, says, “First who, then what?”

· Find a leader, make room for them – leaders are always on the lookout (Furtick)

· Commitment to the vision trumps commitment to the position – too many people are in love with their position and could care less about the vision – return to the vision – it’s primary!

· If you’re a leader, work yourself out of a job – replace yourself – when possible, hire from within – why? Because they were with you before you paid them! They own the vision and understand the DNA.

· 3 keys to keeping Staff: 1.) clear and compelling vision (that comes from S.P – people need VISION and they need HOPE.); 2.) dynamic leadership skills of the S.P.; 3.) caring attitude of S.P. – RELATIONSHIP!!!!!

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