down in the Boro

i'm down in statesboro (btw, this is a really neat and growing town - we need more churches here!) for the next few days to teach at a conference in a local church that is hosting us for a church revitalization conference - i'll be teaching a couple session on basically evaluating ministry and owning vision - please pray that:
  • i'll say what needs to be said
  • how it needs to be said
  • with anointing
also, pray for todd - he'll be teaching on first impressions and leading volunteers...

i think it's going to be a great weekend for a couple of reasons: 1.) i'm excited because i believe ALWC has great potential to be a flagship church in georgia for the iphc; 2.) i'm excited to see todd operate in the gifting he's anointed for - i love seeing the potential and purpose in others being released (something i'll touch on this weekend!).

anyway, i'll try to post some summary notes and thoughts when it's all said and done, in the meantime, go back to praying - mucho thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for asking me to participate in this conference, I really am blessed to have you as a friend, thank you for putting me in a position to grow and use my giftings.