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just wanted to pass along a link and a couple thoughts about the current dawg football team. richt has taken approximately 23 players down to honduras again this year to perform service projects, disciple men and reach people. there's a great post on the site where you can read input from the players.

chris davis, sophomore center from jefferson, ga, talks about playing futbol (soccer) with the locals - he said it was a skinny man's game...couldn't agree more! (so that's why i'm not playing as well as i once did)


Debbie C. said...

Hey, just wanted you to know I saw Bill and Blake last night at Cassie's wedding. Bill did an "outstanding" job at the wedding. He was awesome and his words and presence made it special. He looks really good and it was great visiting with him again. I told him how much we missed you but followed up with how happy I am for you and Patrice. You are sorely missed but I know you are where God wants you. Love you guys!!

Unknown said...

I watched Prince Caspian with Richt...well, not WITH him but he was sitting in front of me...I'm more impressed that I knew who he was. YOu should be proud.