genesis clearly outlines a few important facts for us...just thinking out loud here...
1.) our God is The Creator
2.) we are created
3.) in His image
4.) the creative ability that He available for us
5.) we should create!

having said that, i was talking with a pastor the other day who's in the revitalization process in a church...he had done an email blast campaign with outstanding success (blasted out 200,000 emails to a zip specific area, had 12,000 people "open" the email, and has had over 1200 "hits" on his website in the last 7-10 days)...this is what i said to him when talking about the effectiveness of this (i.e. if it generates actual people in the chairs)...

"we are after creating interest,
then we create habit"

...don't miss the importance of this...

1.) we have to give people a 'reason' to WANT to come to our church - that's called interest - there are things you can do to create interest! aren't there? what would the opposite be? "oh, i don't want people interested in coming to our church!" - ridiculous statement isn't it? of course!

2.) then we work on the 'habit' of them coming to church - that's why we do sermon series (at least that's my hope!) - if you're NOT doing sermon series...start! AND, give them a reason to come back the next week...tease them, give them a "lead in" - "tip them" to something that you'll be covering next other words, HELP them make up their mind BEFORE they leave that they ARE coming BACK - perhaps you're saying to yourself, "that's a mind-game, that's shallow, that's not spiritual" - what would the opposite be? "oh, we don't really care if you come back next week!" - ridiculous statement isn't it? of course!

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