the 411 on twitter

ok, here's a bit more on i said previously, this is just an experiment for's the short version of twitter - consider it..."microblogging" - i.e. you create posts that are 140 characters or less (sms 0r text length) that are viewed via sms or via web...anyway, here are some other bloggers that have posted about it - check 'em out:

i'm about one week into my experiment and it's difficult to tell if i'll continue to use this - i'm covered up with many responsibilities right now, plans to move soon, new ministry responsibilities, annual conference next week - so, truthfully, my perception of the value at this point is quite tainted by all the other demands on my energy and attention...i'll re-visit this in a few more weeks with an update

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the resources and explanation. I get it now...well, more than I did. Don't think it's for me though.