they said it...x2

here are two quotes for you to ponder...

  1. “Almost everybody who doubts does so for personal reasons, mainly because they have had bad experiences with the church, Christianity or Christians. [As a Christian] you can’t just say, I’m going to give you the gospel and you’re going to hear it. You have to embody a different kind of Christianity than the one they have experienced in the past or they are simply not going to hear it.” —Tim Keller, pastor and author of The Reason for God, talking about reaching skeptics with the gospel [, 4/28/08]
  2. “You cannot understand the African-American preaching tradition unless you understand the African-American church and the way in which worshipers in this tradition demand that their preachers connect with them in a deeply emotional way as an integral part of their spirituality. This is true of the prosperity gospel of Bishop T.D. Jakes or the social gospel of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright.” —Susan Brooks, president of Chicago Theological Seminary, commenting on the controversy surrounding Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of presidential candidate Barack Obama [, 4/28/08]

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