sunday night unwind

sitting here on a sunday night...unwinding...some jazz coming are some quick hits:
  • great to spend a couple days at my dad's house - love it when we can get together and catch up on life - he's a great sounding board for me and helps me process things (not sure if he knows it or not, but he is)
  • preached this morning at abundant faith fellowship in reidsville, ga - great service - great people - we felt really welcomed here and if anyone knows how to treat a guest speaker, it's them - we literally felt at home (like we'd been there for years) - great job to all the volunteers and to pastor john and selina - they've been friends of ours for a while and this is the first opportunity that i've had to minister in their church - btw, the worship was fantastic...if your in s. ga. go check 'em out
  • hoping to get the go ahead soon to redo the conference website...ready to see the next level of service that we're able to provide through that tool...
  • i'm thinking of getting a myspace....yes,'s why...because so many of the churches and people that i visit with use that platform and not facebook - but, i gotta say, i love facebook
  • not going to twitter - anyone else twittering? just don't see the need for it
  • looking forward to speaking at the reach conference in s. ga - it's a church revitalization conference - i'm stoked about this event
  • i'm wishing i could try some thin mints cheesecake.....hmmmmmmmmmm, from whom?
  • busy couple of weeks coming up....gotta create margin!!!
  • school is almost over....glad for my kids and wife!
  • we're moving....not so glad about the manual labor!
  • i've used a lot of !!!!!! in this post.....hmmmmm!!!!
  • that's all....good night


Anonymous said...

So I'm proud of you for using "!!!!!!" more in your post. I wonder who you got that from? LOL! Glad things seem to be going so well with the job and we'll do all we can to help with the move. Have a good week. Love you!

Larry Underwood said...

Rick--Love the blog still!! Jenn and visted a Church called Lifepoint Assembly of God in Gainesville today (completely out of the blue). We loved it. BTW---where ya movin' to?

Anonymous said...

I have struggled with the MySpace decision too. As you know I just got tired of the junk on there, but I have hardly any friends that use Facebook--'sides you & Tice and Rach :-) I like the MySpace format better too, but so much of it is just so filthy!! What to do...what to do?