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here are just a few sites and thoughts to wrap up the week:
  • my boss suffered a heart attack (or really, really close) this time last week - thank God, his life was spared - he felt it occurring, drove himself to the hospital, checked in and they immediately began working on him - he was out by wednesday - seriously, some of you have been praying and i thank you! also, thanks to our Father whose hand was on him the entire time! he'll be back in the groove of things shortly...
  • spent today at our soon-to-be-church in habersham county (His Was Assembly of Praise) - great service! they've had a challenging week and several months - they had 86 people in attendance and are about 5 months or so old - looking forward to working with them in the future - great pastor and church. enjoyed some excellent mexican food and now have another mexican restaurant to my encyclopedia of fine mexican dining
  • speaking of that - cinco de mayo is just around the corner - yes, i do eat mexican on that date to celebrate my heritage
  • so stoked about speaking at the "Reach Conference" next weekend at abundant life worship center in statesboro - if you're in the S. GA. area next friday and saturday, check it out - it's free! also, really stoked that todd's helping in the conference
  • getting excited about the summer events headed our meeting/conference, moving, summer camps, moving, maybe going to YQ, moving...
  • scott hodge has some incredibly great notes on andy stanley's "vision talk" at exponential - check them out here - yes, i'll be using some of these in the days/weeks ahead - some great stuff!
  • steven has a great point about leadership - in a nutshell, live life on the lookout
  • stetzer's posted a bajillion notes/slides/pdfs from exponential - all church plant related in some capacity if you're interested
  • found out about this site for non-profits to receive discounted software/hardware/other - there's a process you have to go through to qualify, i'm working through it now - let you know how it turns out -
  • i just found this post to be real challenging and encouraging - particularly if you're facing change - the "setting" my be different, but some of the principles are applicable and transferable - which, btw, that's what a principle is - transferable!
  • church resources has a list of 15 websites you'll want to bookmark regarding graphics, etc
  • YOU'RE RIGHT! there you go, i said it - but seth says it better...
  • what's your internet love language? (i expect answers folks...please post your comments and let me know who/what you are...)...flasher? socializer? what?


Debbie C. said...

I didn't know that about Bill, we will be praying.. I'm glad he's okay though. Man, he's been through alot and still keeps on keepin on. Gotta admire that! You are definitely one BUSY person, wow!

Unknown said...

If I had to pick one of the 7 Internet communication languages I'd say I fit "The Socializer". I'd really like to be a "flasher" though. Just because of the name! I could boast of being an internet flasher! I would find that wildly amusing!

Anonymous said...

Guess I would be a combo, maybe "Realtimer/J-Pegger" with a little "Socializer" thrown in. : )

Debbie C. said...

BTW, I'm definitely the "Blogger" internet love language.

Anonymous said...

mexican - "my heritage"????????
what's that about?