some comments from day #1 and day #2 at Exponential

just now getting a chance to post some quick bullets on the conference - here they are:
  • from steve andrews:
  • a powerful message today - he said, "this generation is challenging the isolationist, protective, and competitive nature of christianity and church that we've had here in the west" (my paraphrase) - "why are we competing with one another?"
  • said there's a spirit of 'openhandedness in the church today' - couldn't agree more - let me say this, you will see in the next decade the rise of networks/communities while denominations will struggle to find there place in the new terrain (which are mostly already on the decline...few exceptions)
  • said we need to give the emerging generation 3 things we weren't given: 1.) permission to say "NO" - because saying no means saying yes to God's unique and authentic call that matches your DNA as a leader; 2.) GO - in other words, stop holding on to everyone - show up at church and tell them to the church, plant a church - learn from the chinese underground church which says, "every believer a pastor, every church and church planting church"; 3.) NO EGO - it's not about us, no room for ego in the Kingdom any longer - people don't care who gets the credit anymore
  • from randy pope:
  • life on life is having a suitable life product (a disciple and an overcomer) and they have to be intentional about imparting that life product
  • said if forced to choose between his church (which has planted 30+ churches) or his small group of men he disciples, he'd resign his church in a heartbeat
  • alan hirsch
  • said we must do these 4 things: 1.) recover the centrality of Jesus in HIS movement (christology forms missiology which forms ecclesiology); 2.) recover discipleship as our core task; 3.) recover the ethos/structure of apostolic movements; 4.) recover a missional mindset
  • said it's hard to live with the Lord (showed some hilarious pics of various "Jesuses" we've created: spooky jesus, buddy jesus, sunday school jesus, jesus-as-my-boyfriend/homeboy, suburban jesus(designing his cross from ikea, and most hilarious...bearded lady jesus) - the point being..."show me your jesus" - we all tend to form Him as WE see Him - instead of looking at Who he truly is - he said on the 6th day God created man, on the 8th day we returned the favor - ouch!
  • finished with "Get 'er done, mate!" complete with Australian accent - hilarious
  • andy stanley (yesterday)
  • 5 things to make vision stick: 1.) state it simply (must be portable); 2.) cast it convincingly; 3.) repeat it regularly; 4.) celebrate systematically; 5.) embrace it personally and publicly
  • said the challenge for us is to get what's in here (our head) out there (to others)
  • ed stetzer
  • i said this in yesterday's post, but it bears repeating: if you're not planning to plant churches, then you're a dead end to the great commission - that's powerful and needs to be pondered...
bottom line is this, the church is designed to reproduce - it's not an end to itself and it's not designed to keep christians safe - we've made it that way - but, playing it safe is risky!

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Anonymous said...

Great information, I wish I could have been there, starting to realize how important the transfer of information is, especially from sucessful passionate people.

Was Andy Stanley there or was it video taped...tongue in cheek on that one?!?!?

Unknown said...

Lots of good stuff! I'm sure you will "process" some more and share.
Be safe coming home!