risk follow up

just finished up teaching about risk tonight at are some key thoughts that i shared

  • the bible never calls us to a life of comfort, ease and security - rather it's discomfort, difficulty and danger
  • from the old testament to the new testament, the life of faith is a life of risk
  • talked about 3 types of risk: foolish risk; faith-filled risk; and failed risk
  • for the record, failed risk is the worst - it's doing nothing - remember the parable of the talents and the one who hid his one talent...yea, failed risk...the master returned and told him that he was a "wicked and lazy servant" - talk about a bad day at the office! hiding (or hording) the talent God has given (really, not just the talent but the opportunity) means equates with being lazy and wicked - gut check time...
  • i shared a batterson quote that has inspired me through the last few years:
    • playing it safe is risky
  • this journey of faith is LESS about doing the wrong thing and MORE about doing the right thing


Unknown said...

I've been walking out the "faith-filled risk" since I chose not to sign my contract in Feb. It wasn't easy but I had peace about it. Thank God it was not a "foolish risk"!

Anonymous said...

Well I am glad to say I know what a Batterson quote is and must agree that when I read that quote it resonated in my spirit as well. Hey start thinking about when would be a good time to have our conference call small group meeting. I would like to start it in the next week or so. Let me know, great post!!!