pre-conf. post

at FBC in ORL...just a few random things:
  • the house band is warming up, they sound great!
  • the church is a blend of 80s meets 21st cent - interesting...they're keeping it current though.
  • great signage all around - no problems finding my way around
  • the booths and vendors are setting up - cant wait for free away a wii - pray that i'll win - if i do, we have a wiiparty at my house
  • the hotel has free coffee...actually, it's more of a warmed over brown liquidy substance impostering as coffee - not good - glad i have my dew from mt. hermon (see ps. 133:3 for the scriptural reference to this great drink)
  • the hotel is good, clean, free wifi - why do hotels charge for wifi - that bugs me!
  • church planters come in all shapes, sizes and from all backgrounds - what a great tribe of people
  • it's hot in florida - yet another reason only to visit
  • when in florida, you don't look for close parking, you look for shaded parking
  • i made it here in record time...left about 5:40, got to my hotel at 1:01 - i was trying to be there by 1:00 - not too disappointed
  • my daughter's cookie pops was my supper - and a really good one - she made them 2 nights ago and prepared me a goody bag for the road - the trace adkins song does apply - "you're gonna miss this"
  • one celebrity church planter sighting - ed stetzer is in the house and making rounds to talk with the people...he's taller than i thought - hard to judge my a book cover though
  • i think the house band is playing a track from star wars...hmmmmmmmmm
  • did i mention the great signage - yes, i know i did - but FBC and Expo both have it going on for signage...FBC has the vision everywhere - lesson learned: just when you get tired of saying it, the people are just hearing it. Expo has great directional signage as well as large signs with times, etc all over the place - lesson learned: make it easy for people to connect


Anonymous said...

We have a wii....come on over and I'll whoop you in tennis : )

Unknown said...

I'm up for the Wii party. I'm much better at virtual sports than the real thing!

Sorry about the coffee imposter. Atleast you have a source of caffeine. You're nicer when you have that! ;)

I'm interested to hear more about the band...any single keyboard players?!