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just wanted to pass along some blog posts from others...some funny, some not so - check 'em all out...
  • steven says, "he doesn't want to hear it" - i couldn't agree's a sample: "It’s freaky when everybody’s a self proclaimed expert on you. And the less they actually know you, the louder they talk about you."
  • ed talks about the challenges that pastors face in small's a sample: "If the church's philosophy is that the pastor is a hired gun, the professional, it will wear the pastor out..."
  • ccp challenges us to stop's a sample: "God has called us to be ourselves in the situation He has given us." btw, this resonates the book i'm currently reading called "church unique" - great book thus far.
  • read scott talks about the first christian church of captcha (btw, the first impressions leader in me screams a loud yes to this post - you must read it)'s a sample: "In your church, you’ll find captcha in noticeably different areas, but it all ends up with the same result; stopping people from participating in your church’s fellowship. Some of your church’s captcha is active and some is passive, but all accomplish the same unintended and exclusionary purpose."
  • stuff christians like make us laugh by telling just how to to send bad breath to hell (couldn't agree more!)'s a sample: "If Testamints are a gift from God, then Fruit Stripe gum is a curse from Satan."
  • finally, on a serious note, dino outlines 6 hot topics the church must engage (lest we loose our voice and consequently our influence...what today's is the time for the church to step up!) are the hot 6, but please read the post to better let dino elaborate: "1. The need of engaging our very own cities; 2. The need of engaging the poor; 3. The need of engaging clean water; 4. The need of engaging AIDS; 5. The need of engaging human trafficking; 6. The need of engaging our very own heart

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