on the radar

here are some other blogs or posts that have got my attention lately:
  • perry challenges church leaders with 15 signs that your church lacks (or you!) lack vision - check it out here - here are a couple of my favorite points that he makes
#11 - When your youth group wants to do something you make them have a bake sale in front of Wal Mart–but when your senior adults want to do something the church covers the cost; after all, they are tithers! (And that same church will wonder why “the youth don’t come to church anymore.”)
#2 - You’ve never spent sleepless nights wondering, “How in heck are we going to do this? Seriously, I told our church we were going to do WHAT?”
  • here's a new site that i've just come across - add it to your bloglines or google reader - funny, light and satirical look at christians - appropriately called, "stuff christians like"
  • mark beeson wrote a post a while back on what a mature church looks like (a question rick warren had posed to him) - i love the response, ""The 'mature church' is the church filled with immaturity." he went on to make this statement which is so true, "the clear delineation of "maturity" is the ability to reproduce. and that my friends is why churches plant (reproduce) churches!


Unknown said...

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

That's one thing I love about The Grove---no fundraisers!!!