mentioned the above initiative are some other bloggers that mention it on their site along with some strategy and thoughts from other leaders...

perry talks about it here and had this to say, "one of the reasons I am personally excited is that we are going to get to hear some of the best leaders and communicators speak in our church for several weeks via video…and in doing so we will be participating in something that is SO MUCH LARGER than what God is doing here."

steven talks about it here and had this to say, "The idea was so simple. The conversation went something like this:
Craig: Do we really believe that video teaching works?
Me: Yes, I think so.
Craig: Then why don’t you be my teaching pastor through video and I’ll be yours?
Me: Um, OK."

tim talks about it here and had this to say, "We are pretty jazzed about this effort. I'm grateful to craig groeschel his leadership in leading this movement. If you are a pastor or leader in your church, I would encourage you to consider joining the rest of us for this series." outlines some other aspects of this initiative:
Aside from the sermon series, each church is encouraged to participate by:
  • Receiving an offering and combining it with hundreds of other churches to help people in need.
  • Mobilizing your church to do something ministry-related in your local community and with other local churches if possible.
  • Promoting the unified website (to be announced) that will encourage your people to fast and pray with other believers.
  • Using the free promotional resources online (including graphics, mailer templates, video promos, banners and other promotional tools).
here's a list of other churches so far on board:
and here's a list of the summer sermon series along with the pastor that lifechurch will offer:

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