exponential conference day 1 unwind

great first day...i'm tired, this will be short.
spent today in an intensive track called "Beyond the Call: What's next?" - great and succinct teaching track for me where i'm at in my new role.

today we evaluated the following regarding church planters/planting:
  1. right person
  2. right place
  3. right plan
those 3 things all work together to create...the right process!

here are a few key takeaways:
  • the biggest problems are rooted in what you DO or DON'T do prior to launch - take more time, launch slower, build the foundation right - Noah spent only 4 days for every year invested in building the ark - not a big return, but it got the boat to float! - church planters that want to last will take more time prior to launch to do the right things
  • there are four types of people: visionaries (flyers); implementers (climbers); maintainers (walkers); and complainers (snipers! - ouch) - the speaker said we needed the first three - i disagree, we need all four - the fourth one causes us to constantly and consistently come back to the vision
  • finally, finished the evening off with supper and some good company - my cousin and his wife and i enjoyed some table side guac from chevy's - love that place and the company was great

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