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spent some time today in the ATL with fellow church plant-type people...i surveyed the landscape and realized that all of the people that were in the room (about 30 of us) were really doing major things for the Kingdom - then, i heard their heart - i was blown away - there were all Kingdom-minded. below are some people that i hung out with for a couple hours as we talked church planting in the atl - i learned a lot, hopefully built some bridges toward some networks that are doing it and doing it right, and in the process gained an enlarged sphere (network) of friends and associates...before i get to the list of folks that i met or remember being are 4 things that must happen in pentecostal circles for us to effectively partner in these types of networks:
  1. it will take a cooperative effort on all parts for us to effectively reach the harvest. remember, jesus doesn't come back until this "gospel of the Kingdom" is preached to all people (mt. 24:14)
  2. it will take a realization that we don't have to reinvent the wheel - God is doing some things in some ways...we need to get in on what God is blessing and be a part - stop reinventing the wheel and being a silo!
  3. it will take some serious humbling on our parts (pentecostals, full gospel, whatever you want to call it) to ask for forgiveness for our arrogance in assuming because we embrace the reality of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that somehow we are a 'step-above' our brothers and sisters in Christ who don't embrace that understanding and reality...understand, i'm proud of our heritage, i believe and support whole-heartedly the baptism of the Holy Spirit - but that does not give us license to assume an arrogant role or superior position - we are first of all brothers and sisters in Christ...IN Christ!
  4. it will take some patience on the part of those who don't embrace the baptism of the Holy Spirit...patience to understand who we are...patience to embrace us as fellow heirs
now, on to the list of folks that were there...huge thanks to leadership network for pulling us all together!
  • met and talked with jim from's a church in the atl that's getting it done! - great guys - their pastor brian was there and we sat at the same table, but didn't get to talk too much
  • randy pope was there from perimeter along with a slew of others (more later) - folks, this guy was doing multi-site before multi-site was cool - great church with over 30 church plants thus far - wow!
  • michael from oak leaf was on hand - this dude's got such a heart to resouces - check out his "behind the leaf" site for a ton of resources that he's made available to churches and church planters
  • shawn was there from mountain lake church - another great guy with a great heart to reach the atl - also at my table
  • johnny was there from atl vineyard - love the fact that they've planted many churches in many unconventional ways and johnny was man enough to admit that his pattern is not the one to follow
  • ritchie was there from avalon church - another great guy with a huge heart
  • sat beside tom and i really like this guy and what they are doing...look forward to learning more about their assessment process in the coming months

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