the view from here...

i've spent the past three weeks traveling...i've been in birmingham, atlanta, statesboro, greenville and a few stops in between...from my travels, from my discussions, from my reading, from my's what i see that God is essence, the view from here...
  • God is connecting people - it begins here! people are what make ministry, make churches, make progress - God is connecting people because together we can make much more of a difference (see Deut 32:30)
  • resources are being made available - i've blogged about it before, it's nothing new - but more and more churches are opening up their resources, curriculum (which they developed and paid for), and personnel to be available to other ministries. i love this! this is the Body of Christ supplying to others as there is a need. (you've got to read this verse to better understand) - most recently, newspring in anderson, sc, had a one day conference called unleash - couldn't go? that's ok, they've posted video and pdf's online to resource people - love it!
  • the Kingdom of God is being realized by those in the marketplace and the ministry - there's a cooperative relationship developing between these two that is going to PROPEL the church into the future - here's an example where one of the key leaders is al weiss (president of worldwide operations for walt disney parks and resorts) - he's part of an aggressive effort to fund church planting in rapid growth communities (think northside of atlanta - where the residential growth has surpassed church growth and leaves a spiritual vacuum in the community - simply put, there aren't enough churches!)
  • aggressive is the word - timidity is "so yesterday" (to put it into modern vernacular) - leaders are realizing that moving forward requires the first part - MOVING! it's key and critical to live a life of risk - there is truth to the risk/reward paradigm - the higher the risk, the higher the reward

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