leadership blockages

been pondering this question for a day or so...

what are the blockages that hinder leadership?

below i've listed 5 that are easy to allow...
  1. lack of vision - easy enough - talked about it in this post - there's a ton of material available on the subject of vision...which leads to #2
  2. lack of learning - there's simply no reason to not be informed! there is too much information and too many resources available (many for free), to NOT be informed
  3. lack of exposure - being exposed to other models of leadership and leaders is key to perspective - let me explain...when you see a new model, you go back and evaluate your model (at least, hopefully you do) - that gives new perspective
  4. lack of passion - if you're not passionate, don't lead! (cause if you won't be for long)
  5. lack of relationship - scripture is true when it says, "iron sharpens iron" - that means it takes relationships, to pound, forge and sometimes, put into the fire in order for you and i to continue to increase in capacity. we need relationship (first with God, then with others) - no iron can sharpen itself, it takes another!
so, what do you think are some blockages - i'd love to hear your feedback, i know there are many more...

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DebbieP said...

I think that the lack of relationships is a HUGE blocker. I am so blessed to have godly friends. They point me to God when I am discouraged and together we sharpen one another.