critiquing vs. criticizing

tony wrote this post several weeks ago and it really resonated with me...this is me to the core - which is one of the reasons why i love my new job working with existing churches toward revitalization...anyway, here are four points from tony's blog that he got from an andy stanley talk - got that....andy to tony to rick to you.
  • "Change is preceded by challenge, and challenging the status quo is where leadership begins."
  • "As a leader, there is something in you that leans toward evaluating and critiquing everything you bump into organizationally."
  • "Deep in your heart you feel that if you were in charge, things would not only be different, they would be better."
  • "When you stop challenging, you have stopped leading and begun managing." And that's a problem!
One final thought...what if the resistance that is met because a volunteer is challenging evreything is really a leadership quality trying to arise and your system of leadership development won't allow for it to reach its potential?


DebbieP said...

Those are words to chew on for sure. Thanks for sharing the wisdom of our spiritual elders.

Unknown said...

Good word! Thanks for sharing.