quick hits

been a few days since i've posted...apologies!

been traveling quite a bit lately to various churches and really loving it - so that's taken a good bit of my time...anyway, here are some quick hits...
  • i love my wife!
  • more than ever!
  • i love my kids!
  • more than ever!
  • i like being with them...
  • perfect season going thus far - unfortunately, numbers are in the right column instead of the left one (they're 0-3) - hopefully they'll turn it around and start scoring some goals - one thing i'll say, the pace of the game and the skills are simply amazing
  • i activated sirius radio - not too crazy about it - i really like xm radio much better - 2 reasons: mlb and uga - both on xm
  • God is really giving me a burden for small churches - that they will grow - again!
  • He's also giving me a heart and a better understanding of the pain that pastors go through - let me say this...pastoring and ministry is hard work! i've seen so much pain and heard so many stories of pastors that hurt - no what hurts worse? the pastor's wife! been doing a lot of praying for both lately
  • reading several books lately - of course they all deal with church planting...if i have time, i'll post some thoughts/reviews
  • atlanta braves baseball is just around the corner
  • i'll be visiting this church soon and am really excited about it - it's been on my radar for a couple of years now and i love what they're doing...Spirit-filled, church planting, multi-site, growth like crazy


DebbieP said...

Thanks for posting, it makes us feel a part of your life even if miles separate us. I'm glad your stay in Helen was pleasant despite the unromantic signage!

Debbie C. said...

Hey there, glad to get an update. Glad you guys are doing good, albeit very busy. Yeah, for Braves baseball, I can't wait for it. Tell all hello. We love you guys!!