week #2 recap

second week down serving in the new role with the georgia far i've:
  • traveled to two different cities (macon and the ATL) to meet with church planters
  • met with several pastors in the macon area and toured 3 different church facilities
  • realized that macon is incredibly saturated with churches - unfortunately, many of the existing churches are NOT advancing the Kingdom - they are maintaining at best (at worst, they are declining) - great to see the leaders we have in our churches - we have the potential to plant 3-5 churches in the next 5 years and still have plenty of room for other churches
  • realized that north side of the ATL is incredibly UNDER saturated with churches - sure northpoint and the similar models are making an impact, but folks, there are hundreds of new housing developments with people moving in - they are in transition - they are looking - we need more churches of all flavors (models, denominations, etc)
  • realized that it can snow down around macon - we came through some snow in between a couple of cow pastures that reminded me of living in west virginia
  • met probably more than a dozen of our pastors that live in the northern area
  • almost got my office set up
  • ate some really good country cookin at the roystonian!
  • ate some really good italian in royston - who'd thunk?
  • ate at the best golden corral in macon - no, that's not a typo
  • realized the possibilities for new churches
  • prayed a lot that God would give me strategy, wisdom and vision to pass along to others
  • been amazed at all that takes place at the state denominational level - it really is an honor to serve with the iphc
  • i love what i'm doing


Unknown said...

I am shocked that there is no mention of Mexican food in your list!

jessica said...

I quasi-met you today when you and Bill came to speak to the interns at EC. Hope you're enjoying your time here (and watch out for that Bert Synan...he's trouble!)

Unknown said...

Italian in Royston.. Venice? Cause I love that place. :]