a new word

spent this morning in prayer with other office staff and intercessors praying for: the churches of the georgia conference, the world, the nation and the pastors in our churches. this was a special day that had been set aside by our denomination (the iphc) to fast and pray, to repent, to cry out for God to bring revival to our churches and people.

flashback to several months ago...while i was compiling my resume for this new ministry opportunity i felt prompted by the holy spirit to include as one of my goals to essentially be a 'repairer' of the divide between forward to today

while in prayer i found myself crying out to God that He would forgive us of the sin of (new word...) - generationism - the prejudice of one generation toward another. you see, i strongly sense that God wants to release the younger generation to operate with the blessing and support of the older generation, however, He also wants the younger generation to be a people of the Spirit and the Word and prove the "worth" of their calling by being devoted
to God without a 'chip on their shoulder' - i also sense that God wants to bring a mutual respect between the generations that advance quickly the Kingdom of God! finally, i believe the greatest days are yet ahead for the iphc as i survey the landscape and sense that God is raising up future leaders to march alongside present leaders...He's placing anointing on their lives to do greater things...He's purifying His Bride (that'd be us...and this past year is quite the evidence with the downfall of pastors, the investigations by congress, the overlooked divorce and the rampant sexual sin of many christian leaders)...i truly believe you can be holy (i.e., pure) without having to be hokey (i.e., hair in a bun, unless that's how you roll)...i truly believe that holiness is God's desire for the church and also that He desires to impart Pentecostal power once again into our lives...

so, ask yourself, do you suffer from generationism? face it, your sons and daughters will worship the Father differently that you and i did - the music will sound different, let's not judge it, let's embrace what God is doing in the NEXT generation - thank God for what He did in your generation, but look forward to what He's going to do in the next generation...the best is yet to come!


Debbie C. said...

Melvin and I were talking about this just last night; so I have a question for you... By "generationism" do you mean a generation gap? I hear you on the fact that this present generation will and is worshipping differently; i.e; different songs, etc.. but what about the standard? Truthfully, and I'm referring to youth groups right now, I think alot of our youth groups are "missing it" by trying to entertain and let the kids have fun when our goal should always be maturity, acceptance of responsibility and certainly obedience and submission to authority. I think we're missing it as the corporate body of Christ.
So, the big question, how do you relate and stir up righteousness and holiness in this new generation without them totally turning a deaf ear to what you're saying? I don't mind embracing the next generation, I've got three precious children that are a part of it, but I certainly don't think I'm doing them any favors by allowing rebellion, disobedience and disrespect.

DebbieP said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I got to be in the youth service last night for the first part and I loved the dance the dance team performed! It was hip-hop, and I don't purchase hip-hop music, but I love to see the energy the youth have. They are so inspirational how they put all they have into worship. We don't all have to be alike to please God. In fact, God is so creative He made us all different for a reason. Let's not allow satan to magnify our differences, whether they be generational or otherwise. If we can all work together we can accomplish so much more for God's Kingdom!