love this new hymn

been listening to pandora a lot lately (on my david crowder station) and i keep hearing songs by this guy - got to say, i absolutely love this new hymn! (yes jeff, rach, dad, todd and a few others - there are some hymns i love - well, maybe not "some" - how about a "few")

anyway, here are some journal entries from the artist - read them, then enjoy the video - absolutely powerful stuff...

I was reading my "One Year Book of Hymns" and stumbled across a hymn entitled "I Am Not Skilled To Understand" whose words blew me away. I didn't bother seraching for the melody: its obscurity indicated antiquity. So I started from scratch and sang it without the chorus for over a year at our church, which seemed to embrace itas it was. But I wanted to take it over he top. Sitting at a red light one night, a melody of excitement and a lyric that seemed to pull together the concept of Christ, my Advocate, always pleading my case, was born. And the song finally exploded on the choruse like I always knew it should. i do not understand everything, but I know that Jesus Christ loves me and is alive defending me. That calls for a big chorus.

And, the video


Unknown said...

I like this one too. There are a couple hymns that aren't bad. They have their place.

DebbieP said...

This song goes perfectly with what the girls in my Friend's class will be learning tonight. Thanks for posting this as I will be showing it to them tonight!

Also, I know that we all have our own personal preferences as to how to worship the Lord, but I think that the hymns are an important part of our heritage. Just because worship choruses are newer doesn't necessarily mean they are better. (My husband will marvel at this reply from me as I usually prefer the more modern worship tunes.) I think a blend of the old and the new strikes a great balance.