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been a while since i posted some links to other bloggers - been sitting on some of these for a really long time - some are from friends, some are challenging, some are for leaders, some for pastors, some for people that have pastors...check some of these out...

  • tony posts a great series of one-liners as it relates to communication - i like this statement, "Your message is only one of thousands I've already heard today."
  • perry (tony's boss) posts seven joy killers in ministry - let me just say, he's right! - i like this statement, "Compare yourself ONLY to the vision God gave you."
  • perrry follows up with four ways to restore joy in ministry - let me just say, he's right! - i like this statement, "We use the excuse, “Well, the devil never takes a day off,” never stopping to realize that we should not be attempting to imitate him!"
  • my good friend todd talks about creativity here - i like this statement, "Think about the word creative, a more modern definition of the word creative is the art of making something new."
  • todd also gets fired up here about being the church - i like this statement, "I am going to be setting the pace, this is the year that God is going to do a new thing in me and my church and I refuse to miss out on what God has in store. I am not going to hold back, I am going to pray, shout, speak in tongues, speak prophetically, lay hands on the sick, dance before God, fall slain in the spirit and basically just BE THE CHURCH that I want to see, freed up and allowing God to use me." - GO FOR IT MAN!!!!!
  • craig has four posts that have to do with successful ministry - good (and short) stuff...go read it - post #1, post #2, post #3, post #4
  • this post by jim is perhaps the one that has helped me the most in the last four months - i don't think i've referenced it before, but i've kept it pinned to my bloglines read page so that i can go back and re-read it every few days - this is MUST read for everyone - if you don't read the rest, read this! - it has to do with finishing well - something we all do - we all need to finish well...i just attened the funeral of one of our EC instructor...a coach...a storyteller...a preacher...a retired military chaplain - he finished well - ponder these things! this will encourage you no matter what you do - secular business person, educator, minister, dad, mom, coach, councilman, whatever - read this post! (did i mention that i think you should read this?)
  • speaking of EC, my quasi-friend jj shoots straight here - i love the candor and honesty of college students! this will challenge many of you (and it should!!!)
  • finally, is your pastor burned out? that's the question coach john asks and he gives some things to look for - really helpful stuff!

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