The Challenge

tonight was the first night of our weekly (or there-abouts) meeting between my son and i - here's the deal...

i'm not out to give us both one more thing to do - i have plenty to do especially with my new ministry responsibilities - he has plenty to do with school and soon soccer - add to this finding a new church, making new friends, etc, etc, etc...

i AM however, out to see my young son grow up to be a man! i'm going counter-culture on this deal called parenthood and intentionally making a disciple - btw, parents, that "go and make disciples" stuff begins in your (and my) home! so, i'm going to focus the next few months on weekly MM's (not M&M's - the MM is a weekly "manhood meeting") - this is my time to focus our discussion, prayer, talks and just hanging out together on him becoming the man that God wants him to be

below i've posted the outline and the may change as we go along - i'm going to make sure he succeeds, but it's going to be a challenge

As my son enters into the process of becoming a man, as his father I am issuing this challenge and supporting it with these commitments. The end result is a boy-better-prepared-to-be-a

Below are the 5 Challenges. The basis for this challenge is found in Luke 2:52:
  • And Jesus matured, growing up in both body and spirit, blessed by both God and people. (The Message)
  • And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. (NASB)
  • And Jesus increased in wisdom (in broad and full understanding) and in stature and years, and in favor with God and man. (Amplified Bible)

Spiritual Challenge

  • To read through the following books of the Bible: Genesis, John, and James
  • Beginning with the book of John, journal any key thoughts or key "take-aways" from each chapter
  • Beginning with the book of James, journal any key thoughts or key "take-aways" from each chapter sub-heading
  • Spend 10 minutes in prayer each day at least 5 days/week

Social Challenge

  • Listen with me through all of the "Preparation for Adolescence" CD's
  • Read through the 3-5 'key' Men's Fraternities lessons with Dad

Physical Challenge

  • Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day 3-5 times per week (this can include PE or sports practice)

Responsibility Challenge

  • Begin using an alarm clock to awaken and prepare yourself for the day
  • At the end of each day, begin to make preparation for the next day (clothes out, book-bag ready)
  • Assist Dad with all outside chores when needed by showing initiative to offer help
  • At least once per week, spend time learning more about one of the following: cooking, cleaning, laundry, car repair, basic home repair
  • Open a savings account and be fully responsible for it

Life Challenge

  • Establish personal priorities and boundaries for dating, friendships and the future - write them out
  • Begin a list of life goals

Weekly Meetings

  • We will meet weekly (typically on Monday nights) and review the progress made as well as spend time: reading Scripture; praying; listening to the CD's; and checking up on the challenges; talking

Final Celebration

The final celebration of "The Challenge" will culminate with a meal at Fogo De Chao and will include key men in my son's life - each man will be asked to prepare a written statement (can be a challenge, an exhortation, whatever) that will be read then left with him. The final word will come from Dad and will include the special presentation of a gift to commemorate. We will conclude the evening back at home with prayer over my son.


DebbieP said...

Wow! I am impressed! You are very detail oriented and I am sure it will pay off. Josh is already a wonderful godly young man. You and Patrice are doing a great job discipling him!

Anonymous said...

Dude this is awesome, somehow I had missed this post. very impressive and doable but with great rewards if completed, I applaude your efforts. I agree that Josh is a great kid and with your help will be a great man!!!