analytical vs. critical

been sitting on this post for a while...decided to go through and clean out some that i had blogged, but not published...enjoy, as always, feel free to comment...

going to be very candid and transparent in this post - hang with me, i think you'll be challenged.

God wired me to be analytical...sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes a curse...i tend to process information at an extremely fast rate, move quickly from information to information and attempt to digest the critical and most important parts - selective learning i guess would be a good name for it.

however, the part that i have to guard is the propensity to become critical - what's the primary difference?

glad you asked...
  • offers solutions
  • sees hope
  • offers to become part of the 'fix'
  • doesn't attach personal feelings or agendas to the analysis
  • offers no solutions
  • sees no hope
  • avoids becoming part of the 'fix'
  • has only a selfish agenda
i'm coming to realize that our strengths can truly become our weakness if we're not careful


DebbieP said...

Boy I can relate to that! I have a tendency to be critical, and I am analytical to a degree. With God's help we will not criticize but help those around us. The key thing that you said that jumped out at me was that selfishness is one of the sins that push us to the critical side. God-centeredness will push us to be analytical and therefore helpful to others.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I've also heard that a weakness is sometimes a strength taken too far.