sunday night mind dump (on wednesday...)

been wanting to just download some things from my mind...lot's and i mean, lot's going on right are some highlights in bullet form.
  • first, i had to do several fist pumps cause i finally got the cctv to work - no directions were included, it was trial by fire (literally, well, not literally, but trial by wire...try this wire here, try it the end, it works...still) - now to have time to do the install
  • been a sad few days. my grandmother passed away on dec. 14th, just 12 days shy of her 85th birthday. what a rich heritage i have...the legacy of ministry through that side of my family is amazing...literally there something like over 20 people involved in ministry on that side of the family. it was a sad moment, my sister and i did "thinking 'bout home" (i think it's a talley's song...yes i have to say i knew the song and it's one of the extreme few southern gospel songs i remember because it's a great song). my brother in law played amazing grace at gravesite on the harmonica...thad can rock the harmonica! great job dude! we laughed, a lot! we cried, not as much because she's now Home where she wanted to be.
  • the baton passes from one generation to another and another with her passing...this is something i've been chewing on for a few days now - i'm determined to carry the baton to the finish and pass it on to someone else.
  • really excited that jenny's taken the position of preschool director - she's going to do a jam up job!
  • i've started packing, well trying...
  • jan 6th is my last day at cotn - on jan 7th i begin a new season of ministry that i'm quite overwhelmed about - it's an exciting opportunity to work within my denomination to help church planters and pastors. i'll technically be the administrative assistant to the bishop for the state of portfolio will include a lot of areas that i'm really passionate about...
  • for the record, i didn't look for this ministry opportunity...just like at cotn, it came to me - much easier to let God open the doors than to try and force one
  • also, for the record, there's no other reason or opportunity that i'd want to leave cotn than for something like this!
  • tonight was our last wednesday night at cotn...sad on the one hand, excited about the future on the other hand - we leave behind some great people, great memories and a future that's bright for cotn
  • jan 6th is the date set for the first service in the new facilities - my last sunday there - really excited that i'll be there for that!
  • Christmas is here! i love this season - i love the memories, the children, the moment!
  • our kids (and their awesome leaders) did a great job last sunday in the children's christmas play!
  • my wife is wrapping gifts - i hate wrapping gifts - shhhhh! she doesn't know it, but i've sneaked her's in for her to wrap as well


Anonymous said...

Okay so maybe it will let me post my comment this time. I know this has been a very trying and challenging last couple of months for you and Patrice but I just want you to know how proud I am of y'all. You have both stayed strong and kept your faith in God and your eyes focused. Thanks for that. It is such an inspiration. We love y'all and are very excited about the doors God is opening for y'all. Love you both more than you know. Hugs!

Debbie C. said...

I know there is tons going on for you all right now. Probably a bit overwhelming but just wanted you to know how sad/happy we are. Sad to see you leave COTN because of the giftings you both leave us without but very happy that God has an incredible plan for your future. We hope to be able to keep in touch and follow-up with you all. "Friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of them." You will forever be our friends. Still praying for strength and healing for Patrice and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Love you bunches!!

Unknown said...

I love you and Patrice and know there are great things ahead for you. I still can't believe both my best friends are working at the conference level now. The PH conference may not be able to handle you and Wade. Good thing your in different conference offices!
I can give you gift wrapping lessons so your wife doesn't have to wrap her own gifts! I won't even charge you!
P.S. No I haven't cried yet and don't really expect to. Doesn't mean I won't miss you.

DebbieP said...

We will be sad to see you leave, but we are so excited about what God has in store for you. We count ourselves blessed to have worked with you and I love the fact that we are all the family of God no matter what church we attend, so it is not goodbye!