pray for the church!

just came across this news tonight...this is a time to pray. if you're involved in ANY way with the ushers, leaders, pastors, etc at your church, this is a call to be prepared!

it seems that tragedy has struck YWAM and the campus of New Life Church - this is a not-so-subtle reminder that our enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy - we must be the Body of Christ that responds with grace, love and compassion, but we also have to be the Body that stands ready to give our very lives...that day, unfortunately, is upon us now


Debbie C. said...

This is very sad news but is the state of things in our world today. We have to bind together and be unified, but it seems we're going in the opposite direction of that. God help us to keep our focus on YOU!!

Larry Underwood said...

I saw some interviews from student witnesses on the Today show. I thought they were a god witness. Hopefully students in our area would do that well in a similar situation, but it is our responsibility to prepare them spiritually.

DebbieP said...

Wow I am so sad for our fellow believers. We do need to pray. you are so right that the church needs unity and it seems we are moving in the wrong direction. We need to put God at the center of our lives and listen to His leading. He is still in control and we need to pray against the enemies schemes.