playing in another league

so, today, just a few hours ago, coach bobby petrino phoned in his resignation to falcons owner arthur are a few thoughts...
  • first, i haven't followed the nfl that much this year - i find myself really enjoying the college competition (and even the georgia high school competition even more)...that said, i wouldn't consider myself a 'die-hard' falcons fan - in fact, not really a die-hard fan of any team
  • second, petrino phoned in his resignation - i'm really disappointed with this...sure, we've probably all walked away from a job or ministry, but to do so over the phone and not face to face...classless! (sorry petrino, i had great hopes for you - you're an offensive mastermind)
  • third, this is nothing new...there have been coaches in the past that have rose to the nfl from the ranks of the collegiate level...only to find it too tough, too demanding, or maybe just too different, to hang around - they eventually return to the college level and coach, but not without first tarnishing their image and letting people down
BUT, here's the real purpose of tonight's post...when you're playing in a different's different!

there you have it, simply...different.

you can't depend on the old ways of motivation (example: pro players are motivated by money, college players are motivated by passion, vision, coaches, etc).

you can't depend on your own methods (sure some will work, not all though). you are IN A DIFFERENT league - that means expectations are different, demands are different

...and, as in most things in life, when you move to a different league, it takes TIME to learn to be a winner! overnight successes are rare and typically temporary

...when you make the decision to move to another league - or, move to another level, it's in the moments of transition and difficulty that resolve and determination are demanded

the ironic thing is that we see this in not only in petrino - but also in blank - he played in the retail league, was a winner and became a multimillionaire in the process(having been the founder of home depot) he's playing in the league of professional sports...let's hope he has the patience and business-sense to be a winner in it...not sure how much damage the ATL can suffer...spring training can't get here soon enough!


Debbie C. said...

Really good insights here, you are right~~

Debbie P. said...

I can DEFINITELY see the correlation in ministry. Moving to the next level is a challenge in so many ways. It sure does move you out of your comfort zone and hopefully moves you to rely on god more than on your own abilities. In fact, sometimes when you move to another level it is beyond your natural abilities at the time which really does force you to look to God. (Which we should do even if we thing we know what to do.)