moving on...blogging by bullets

been a while since i did a 'blogging by bullets post' - here it goes...
  • christmas day is over...the reality of God's Son becoming a man lives on
  • i packed up the christmas stuff today - first time ever i've wanted it put away
  • well, i packed up MOST of the christmas stuff - i was a fool to think i'd remember all the little boxes each little ornament came in - i the tree away, the light monster put away, the floor vacuumed, the decorations put away...but the ornaments stumped me...they looked quite good spread out on the entertainment center waiting for my wife to come home
  • next major challenge...packing up my office! that'll begin soon - and hopefully be done quickly
  • i'm going to begin a series of weekly meetings with my son next year as he moves toward 13 years old - i have about 5 or so challenges for him to meet and if he does (and i'll make sure he does) then we cap it off with a "Man's Meal" plus a very special gift from me to him to commemorate his 13th birthday...
  • regarding the gift, i've spent months praying about what to get him and feel like i finally have the right thing - literally, i want this to be such a special moment in his "manhood" that he'll always remember
  • regarding the "Man's Meal" - it'll be at my new favorite restaraunt - fogo de chao
  • we had a great christmas together as a family - i love this season - the kids got some really great gifts, and they both made some very special gifts for my wife and i - really love those!
  • leaves, leaves, leaves - they are everywhere! - so far, i've spent about 16-18 hours outside blowing and picking up never ends! still more to be done!
  • as i move toward a new season of ministry, i'm really getting more and more fired up about it!
  • i've begun praying some big prayers as i move into this new season...i'll blog more about it in the coming days
  • bowl season is here - i really hate to see college football come to an end in a couple of weeks...watching cmu come back to tie up the boilermakers with about a minute left - gotta love college football

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Rachel said...

You can come clean up my Christmas stuff now! I'm not moving too quickly on that!
I must say I love that when you blog in bullets you pretty much always talk about family and football (in that order). Easy to see things important to you!
So when you should I expect you for clean up...