illustrations everywhere!

since my wife's not been doing too much walking lately as she recoups, i've been doing most of the grocery shopping and man are there some great illustrations just walking around your local grocery store...
  • there's the parent with the out of control kid...the thing i notice is that this usually is precipitated because the parent has no self-control!
  • there's the parent walking around in her pajama bottoms...ok, just GROW UP already! this one bugs me, if i want to see you in your pajamas, i'll invite you over for a pajama party (don't hold your breath!) - put some stinking pants on and dress like an adult!
  • there's the parent that pushes the cart then jumps on it to ride the cart down the aisle...what are you thinking? i know you have a small infant in a carrier in the cart, but why act like one
  • there's the parent that can't say "no" - this one bugs me, but you know what, in life there are going to be plenty of "no's" - so practice now! stop letting junior or juniorette have their own way and filling your cart up with every little thing they pitch a fit for just to appease them - remember that you're the adult, you're the one!
ok, rant over...
now to watch some college football

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