moving on...blogging by bullets

been a while since i did a 'blogging by bullets post' - here it goes...
  • christmas day is over...the reality of God's Son becoming a man lives on
  • i packed up the christmas stuff today - first time ever i've wanted it put away
  • well, i packed up MOST of the christmas stuff - i was a fool to think i'd remember all the little boxes each little ornament came in - i the tree away, the light monster put away, the floor vacuumed, the decorations put away...but the ornaments stumped me...they looked quite good spread out on the entertainment center waiting for my wife to come home
  • next major challenge...packing up my office! that'll begin soon - and hopefully be done quickly
  • i'm going to begin a series of weekly meetings with my son next year as he moves toward 13 years old - i have about 5 or so challenges for him to meet and if he does (and i'll make sure he does) then we cap it off with a "Man's Meal" plus a very special gift from me to him to commemorate his 13th birthday...
  • regarding the gift, i've spent months praying about what to get him and feel like i finally have the right thing - literally, i want this to be such a special moment in his "manhood" that he'll always remember
  • regarding the "Man's Meal" - it'll be at my new favorite restaraunt - fogo de chao
  • we had a great christmas together as a family - i love this season - the kids got some really great gifts, and they both made some very special gifts for my wife and i - really love those!
  • leaves, leaves, leaves - they are everywhere! - so far, i've spent about 16-18 hours outside blowing and picking up never ends! still more to be done!
  • as i move toward a new season of ministry, i'm really getting more and more fired up about it!
  • i've begun praying some big prayers as i move into this new season...i'll blog more about it in the coming days
  • bowl season is here - i really hate to see college football come to an end in a couple of weeks...watching cmu come back to tie up the boilermakers with about a minute left - gotta love college football

Merry Christmas

another year...another Christmas

God had a plan...He has a begins with Christmas...the gift of Christ, the Child, the Messiah, the Anointed proceeds with the life of Christ that's available for everyone...

i love this season, i love the gift - yes, i'm not worthy, none of us are - but that's the way the Father loves us...

merry Christmas

illustrations everywhere!

since my wife's not been doing too much walking lately as she recoups, i've been doing most of the grocery shopping and man are there some great illustrations just walking around your local grocery store...
  • there's the parent with the out of control kid...the thing i notice is that this usually is precipitated because the parent has no self-control!
  • there's the parent walking around in her pajama bottoms...ok, just GROW UP already! this one bugs me, if i want to see you in your pajamas, i'll invite you over for a pajama party (don't hold your breath!) - put some stinking pants on and dress like an adult!
  • there's the parent that pushes the cart then jumps on it to ride the cart down the aisle...what are you thinking? i know you have a small infant in a carrier in the cart, but why act like one
  • there's the parent that can't say "no" - this one bugs me, but you know what, in life there are going to be plenty of "no's" - so practice now! stop letting junior or juniorette have their own way and filling your cart up with every little thing they pitch a fit for just to appease them - remember that you're the adult, you're the one!
ok, rant over...
now to watch some college football

dumb church signs...

rachel does a great job at these, but i had this thought the other day when i saw this sign
"one week without prayer makes one week"

my thought...
"one pea make one pee"

ok that's random and dumb, but then again so are many of the marquee church signs that i see...

sunday night mind dump (on wednesday...)

been wanting to just download some things from my mind...lot's and i mean, lot's going on right are some highlights in bullet form.
  • first, i had to do several fist pumps cause i finally got the cctv to work - no directions were included, it was trial by fire (literally, well, not literally, but trial by wire...try this wire here, try it the end, it works...still) - now to have time to do the install
  • been a sad few days. my grandmother passed away on dec. 14th, just 12 days shy of her 85th birthday. what a rich heritage i have...the legacy of ministry through that side of my family is amazing...literally there something like over 20 people involved in ministry on that side of the family. it was a sad moment, my sister and i did "thinking 'bout home" (i think it's a talley's song...yes i have to say i knew the song and it's one of the extreme few southern gospel songs i remember because it's a great song). my brother in law played amazing grace at gravesite on the harmonica...thad can rock the harmonica! great job dude! we laughed, a lot! we cried, not as much because she's now Home where she wanted to be.
  • the baton passes from one generation to another and another with her passing...this is something i've been chewing on for a few days now - i'm determined to carry the baton to the finish and pass it on to someone else.
  • really excited that jenny's taken the position of preschool director - she's going to do a jam up job!
  • i've started packing, well trying...
  • jan 6th is my last day at cotn - on jan 7th i begin a new season of ministry that i'm quite overwhelmed about - it's an exciting opportunity to work within my denomination to help church planters and pastors. i'll technically be the administrative assistant to the bishop for the state of portfolio will include a lot of areas that i'm really passionate about...
  • for the record, i didn't look for this ministry opportunity...just like at cotn, it came to me - much easier to let God open the doors than to try and force one
  • also, for the record, there's no other reason or opportunity that i'd want to leave cotn than for something like this!
  • tonight was our last wednesday night at cotn...sad on the one hand, excited about the future on the other hand - we leave behind some great people, great memories and a future that's bright for cotn
  • jan 6th is the date set for the first service in the new facilities - my last sunday there - really excited that i'll be there for that!
  • Christmas is here! i love this season - i love the memories, the children, the moment!
  • our kids (and their awesome leaders) did a great job last sunday in the children's christmas play!
  • my wife is wrapping gifts - i hate wrapping gifts - shhhhh! she doesn't know it, but i've sneaked her's in for her to wrap as well

playing in another league

so, today, just a few hours ago, coach bobby petrino phoned in his resignation to falcons owner arthur are a few thoughts...
  • first, i haven't followed the nfl that much this year - i find myself really enjoying the college competition (and even the georgia high school competition even more)...that said, i wouldn't consider myself a 'die-hard' falcons fan - in fact, not really a die-hard fan of any team
  • second, petrino phoned in his resignation - i'm really disappointed with this...sure, we've probably all walked away from a job or ministry, but to do so over the phone and not face to face...classless! (sorry petrino, i had great hopes for you - you're an offensive mastermind)
  • third, this is nothing new...there have been coaches in the past that have rose to the nfl from the ranks of the collegiate level...only to find it too tough, too demanding, or maybe just too different, to hang around - they eventually return to the college level and coach, but not without first tarnishing their image and letting people down
BUT, here's the real purpose of tonight's post...when you're playing in a different's different!

there you have it, simply...different.

you can't depend on the old ways of motivation (example: pro players are motivated by money, college players are motivated by passion, vision, coaches, etc).

you can't depend on your own methods (sure some will work, not all though). you are IN A DIFFERENT league - that means expectations are different, demands are different

...and, as in most things in life, when you move to a different league, it takes TIME to learn to be a winner! overnight successes are rare and typically temporary

...when you make the decision to move to another league - or, move to another level, it's in the moments of transition and difficulty that resolve and determination are demanded

the ironic thing is that we see this in not only in petrino - but also in blank - he played in the retail league, was a winner and became a multimillionaire in the process(having been the founder of home depot) he's playing in the league of professional sports...let's hope he has the patience and business-sense to be a winner in it...not sure how much damage the ATL can suffer...spring training can't get here soon enough!

pray for the church!

just came across this news tonight...this is a time to pray. if you're involved in ANY way with the ushers, leaders, pastors, etc at your church, this is a call to be prepared!

it seems that tragedy has struck YWAM and the campus of New Life Church - this is a not-so-subtle reminder that our enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy - we must be the Body of Christ that responds with grace, love and compassion, but we also have to be the Body that stands ready to give our very lives...that day, unfortunately, is upon us now

they said it...

i believe that only one power exists on this sorry planet that can do that (transform the human heart). it's the power of the love of Jesus Christ, the love that conquers sin and wipes out shame and heals wounds and reconciles enemies and patches broken dreams and ultimately changes the world, one life at a time. and what grips my heart every day is the knowledge that the radical message of that transforming love has been given to the church.
bill hybels, couragous leadership (and excellent leadership read)...

america's other addiction

was at a Christmas party and was talking with a couple of other people about bottled water - i mentioned an article i had read recently about america's other addiction (politicians are fond right now of saying we're addicted to oil...another issue for another day)...anyway, here is a link and below are a few fast facts - it's a lengthy article, but really interesting...
  • Americans spent more money last year on bottled water than on ipods or movie tickets: $15 Billion.
  • Thirty years ago, bottled water barely existed.
  • We--a generation raised on tap water and water fountains--drink a billion bottles of water a week, and we're raising a generation that views tap water with disdain and water fountains with suspicion.
  • The amount of bottled being transported is equivalent to 37,800 18-wheelers...per week - talk about fuel consumption!
  • 1 out of 6 people in the world have no dependable, safe drinking water
  • 24% of the bottled water we buy is tap water repackaged by Coke and Pepsi.
  • If the water we use at home cost what even cheap bottled water costs, our monthly water bills would run $9,000.
read that last one again...sobering!

dumb phone conversation...

me: i'd like to cancel my long distance phone service
them: as required by the fcc, you'll need to set up an account password so that in the future we'll be able to access your account
me: there is no future, i want to CANCEL my long distance service
them: as required by the fcc, you'll need to set up an account password so that in the future we'll be able to access your account
me: ok, i have to set up a password in order to never use your service
them: yes
me: ok
them: the password has to be 8 characters, at least one of which must be a capital, at least one a lower case, and one a number

needless to i finally got rid of the long distance service...and i have the account passworded so that i can never use it again...