they said it

"I do enjoy encouraging people. I do enjoy trying to help people succeed. I don't feel like I need anything personally to make myself feel good. Some people might have to be the play caller. I don't think I have to be that at all. I enjoy trying to help coaches succeed. I enjoy trying to help players succeed on and off the field. That fires me up."
Coach Mark Richt

i encourage you to re-read the above...this is the essence of leadership in any situation...corporate, educational, volunteer,'s about others...helping others succeed...not having to be in control...seeing the big picture...


Anonymous said...

He's the reason I like Georgia. I think Donovan does this. I loved the last two years of BB so much because they were unselfish. Hopefully seeing this kind of leadership and playing in college sports will help the rest of us to be in more of a team mentality than a self controling/promoting one.
Thanks for the Blog help! I'm getting up and running well. Eat more Turkey, and play more chicken foot!

Debbie P. said...

I agree with you totally - this is the heart of a godly leader.