what really matters about church...MICE!?!?!?!?!

the following is a re-post from dr. george wood - the new general superintendent of the assemblies of God. this post is a letter written to 6 young leaders in the a/g...i love the fact that he intentionally sought out these 6 key leaders and thinkers in their movement to build relationship, start a conversation with them and plan for the future. it's re-posted from the future a/g on...(btw, i've bolded some key statements that resonated with me...that's my emphasis)

Tory, Brad, Mark, Jeff, Paul, and George!

What a great joy to have a day with you on Tuesday. I so appreciate the time and effort you spent. It was an enriching day for me, and I so appreciate all your wise counsel.

I only wish every young minister in the AG (and every older one too) could have been in the room with us, and maybe with the suggestions you've given me we can make that happen in cyberspace.

I want to repeat what I said to you about one of my favorite sayings. It's from Deng Xiaoping, chairman of China after Mao Zedong died. Deng instituted economic reform in capitalistic ways and incurred the ire of the Maoists. Deng Xiaoping responded by saying, "I don't care if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice!"

That's how I feel about how we do church. The New Testament itself shows us there are various kinds of churches. I'm not concerned about how we do "church" so long as we are "catching" people for Jesus. Issues of governance, service styles and times, formal or informal dress, types of buildings, days of worship -- are not the important issues. The important issues are: "Is the church seeing people come to Jesus, are they being filled with the Spirit, delivered, healed, restored?" We must, in the Assemblies of God be more concerned about end results than fussing with one another over means.

I appreciate the spiritual energy, creativity, and vitality that young pastors and ministers bring to our Movement, and I trust that in these days to come we can be yoked together in better ways to advance the mission of Jesus in our world!


George O. Wood
General Superintendent