understanding more about God through my kids

i had a conversation a few days with another dad...we were talking about how the time literally flies when you're a parent...
my son's 12, my daughter's forward through the time-span of her life (6 years) and in that time my son will be off to either college...or interning with a ministry somewhere...or whatever else God has planned for him. i've tucked my kids into bed the past couple of nights and walked out of their room and literally had the thought..."there's going to be a day when i can't tuck them into bed because they'll be gone"...yes, i've been moved to tears almost every time. i've got to admit...i love being a parent! i learn so much about our Father God through the process of growing as a father. here are a few things i've learned along the way:
  • in a crowd, i can hear my kid's voice, cry, concern, or whatever - God hears us
  • they can hear mine - we can hear God's voice
  • my love is always growing and my affection for my entire family is always deepening - God's love is never ceasing
  • my actions toward them speak much more loudly than my words - He gave His Son - the greatest action of all
  • i use my words everyday to tell my children 2 important things: 1.) i love them; 2.) i'm proud of them for __________ (i find a specific reason each day to be proud of my kids) - i think God does the same - do we hear Him tell us He's proud of us and He loves us?
  • they know without a doubt i love their mom - my bride - and i'll do anything to protect her and reassure her of my love - God does this also - He's jealous for His Bride - the Church - and he'll protect her and reassure her of that love
all of these things recently have just been placed back in my thoughts or brought to my attention in a fresh and new way - it's been a great reminder.


Debbie C. said...

Wow, this is a great post and is so true. About being a parent and comparing that to the greatest example of parenting and love that we could ever have been provided. You know the amazing thing is that we (Melvin & I) always comment on how even having a "perfect" parent didn't keep Adam and Eve from choosing to sin. It gives us some perspective and makes us realize that our choices are everything!!

Brooke said...

This almost made me cry.. right in the middle of class! They are growing so fast.. and it's been amazing being able to be there throughout all of the years! :] I love you.