time in the old city

so we got back late this afternoon from a much needed vacation to america's oldest city - st. augustine, fl.
i had visited many (MANY) years ago with my spanish 2 class (don't ask me to speak the language, i was senora garriga's favorite student, so i didn't do much). really cool to take my kids to the castillo de san marco, play a little put-put, stroll the streets of the old city, go to the beach and deal with red tide, take a tour on the red train, visit ripley's, eat at osteens (literally, the best fried shrimp i've ever had!!!), spent a day catching up with some family and friends down in central florida. one of the highlights was going flying with all of my family. we all got to sit in the pilots seat and do a little hand's on flying, checking out the space coast, flying over patrick air force base, seeing the VAB from the air...these are all things i've grown up around and had seen from land, but seeing my old middle school from the air as well as all of these other things really puts a new perspective on things. also got to tour the newest facilities for kld youth foundation - an organization that my cousin leads youth outreach for.

however, the best time was just spent not having an agenda, sleeping late, enjoying all of our meals together as a family, watching my kids play in the pool (there was another homeschool family that had taken the week off so they had someone to play pool volleyball with). building memories, making disciples, living life together - this was a great week!

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DebbieP said...

I am so glad you and your family were able to get away and have fun! It is important to keep the family bond tight!