• what happened to the rockies?
  • went to zoo atlanta with my much fun. it rained most of the time we were there but it's the humans that have issues with the rain (btw, i'm very thankful for any rain we're getting right now)
  • last weekend i ran into 2 friends i hadn't seen in many years. one's a church planter whom i haven't seen for probably 3-4 years; the other, a former co-worker that i haven't seen for 14-15 years. here's what i noticed...they look so different (guess i do too)...
  • we're closing in on the grand opening of our new facilities: nurseries, preschool, hospitality room, cafe, more bathrooms (and all the women said "yeah!"), a lobby, and, oh yeah, a new sanctuary - it's really beginning to take shape and come together - pray that during this last homestretch of prep everything comes together
  • excited to see our kids christmas production this year - i'm hearing so many great things about how it's going
  • we got back from vacation and you know what? we were relaxed. we've been guilty in the past of trying to cram too much into the "down time" - we're learning! now we build in down days when we vacate together. usually at least three - the day we arrive, the day before we leave and a day in between - these days are spent just chilling, taking it easy...
  • really enjoying the role of assistant coach on the two soccer teams i'm working with...haven't decided if i'll take over next year or not. one coach wants me to go ahead and step up and lead the older team...just not sure...gotta pray about that one.
  • ready for spring training - miss the braves.
  • what will happen in jacksonville...and why does meyer want to keep the annual border-state showdown down there (duh!)? this much is for sure...tebow is a force to be reckoned with...awesome qb and he loves God
  • i have some blog posts that i've tagged to refer to from here - that'll come in another post...perhaps tomorrow

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