late nite download

  • tbs minus the braves just doesn't seem right!
  • i'm watching the rockies and padres and no one wants to win...they've played 162 regular season games and ended up they're tied in the bottom of the 11th...i think they should both sit down and let atlanta take their place
  • i found myself pulling for auburn to upset florida - yes, i need prayer! i'm a gator fan, but i really want to see the dawgs have a shot at the sec title game (just the game, don't think they can beat lsu) - perhaps i've been in georgia too long! plus, if they play in the sec championship game that means "the head ball coach" won't be playing and him being shut up is always a good thing!
  • i'm enjoying being an assistant coach in soccer - not nearly as stressful for me and i still get to teach soccer to kids
  • update: 2 out, man on 2nd, rockies with RISP
  • important stuff: there've been a bunch of people asking Jesus into their lives at church - God is up to something!
  • 2 kids asked Jesus into their lives in kid's church; 4 rededicated their lives - our God is way cool!
  • i've eliminated about 30 blogs i follow - just got to be too much and people weren't speaking into my life - they were updating me on their families (kinda like i'm doing...) - anyway, a little less weight to carry
  • congrats to pastor anthony and jessi on the birth of baby bauer - they call him jack, i call him bauer!
  • the atl football team got a W - way to go maybe they won't have to give away tickets to get people to the dome
  • my hard drive crashed on our laptop at home - pray for resurrection...please...
  • if you think of it on tuesday, please pray for my grandmother who's having knee replacement surgery
  • dawgs sounded dominate on sunday...
  • update - now headed to the 12th one wants to win and i'm going to bed soon

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Rachel said...

I'm feeling a little ADD after reading this one... maybe it's you that was ADD... maybe it's all the sports...