so, i came across this article from a blog i follow, curious what your thoughts you like it? disagree? agree? repulsed? offended? what?...i'll weigh in after i have a few comments

Here, the bartender and God lend an ear


Debbie C. said...

Okay, it's a tough one. Obviously people are hearing about God, but what message are we sending? I don't know....I have a hard time with people sitting there possibly getting drunk and are still able to "hear" what the Lord might be saying to them?? The scripture about not being intoxicated with much wine, wasn't talking against alcohol, per se, but obviously alcohol affects our senses and our ability to reason and think clearly. Also, I think the last paragraph,statement is a key into why this guy is doing it. "It's good for business". I really think we can get "too culturally relevant" and lose the message. Jesus definitely was available to the people but He always maintained holiness and righteousness in all He did. Thanks for the read, very interesting!!

Debbie P. said...

I have to agree with Debbie on this one. I was thinking along the same lines. I believe that our churches have gotten very religious, and we associate this style with godliness. The world may be uncomfortable with coming into a church for this reason, but many times they are uncomfortable to come to church because they feel convicted. In a bar setting they feel no conviction at all, and love the idea that they can party and drink and smoke with their friends. Now, if this church starts producing real fruit - radically changed lives, then that will be the real test. For now all I got from the article is that the people listen, but are drinking and boosting the bar's business. I definitely try to be very careful in judging people ministering the gospel because I remember the disciples got upset seeing someone casting out demons or healing in Jesus name, and Jesus told them to leave them alone so I only know to read the fruit.